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Three percent of Harvard graduates did ten times better than their colleagues because they set goals. This tremendous data about setting goals is astounding. If you do any research on success and goal-setting, this astounding statistic will likely come up. While these numbers are too high to ignore, are they valid?

According to this article done by Fast Company, these figures are a myth. However, this myth is believable because it is partially true. Setting goals does actually help you succeed. This actual study claims that people who have set goals are more likely to be successful than people have not set goals.


Success chart

However, some might argue that setting goals prevents people from going further. Students who excel might end up being held back because the standard for a goal is too low, so goals must be made carefully. Like anything, an overdose of goals will not be beneficial.

At Kalvirs, we understand the importance of setting goals. Our instructors set personal goals for each individual student based on the student’s progress and growth. These short-term goals allow students reach their potential better because students have achievable goals. By using short-term goals, students can stay on track for their long term goals.

The first short-term goal we set for students is a goal to to be reached in six months. This may seem like a long time, but with work and studies, this time passes quickly. During this time, the goals we have set allow us to focus on the important aspects of tutoring without getting sidetracked.

However, we know that goals need to be dynamic to help students grow. To help goals adjust to the student, we create the next six month goal after three months. This way, each student is not forced on a path, but is guided on the path he is taking. These personal goals set Kalvirs apart from competitors, because each student advantageously receives the benefits of goal setting while still having the flexibility to adjust.

With this recipe for success, you too can succeed. Our unique system will help you get the high score you need to get into the top ten MBA schools.

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