Saturday, Jan 16th 2021


Kalvirs is dedicating to helping our students reach their full potential by helping them do well on the GMAT. The GMAT is important because without a good score, your chances of getting into the top ten MBA schools are very low. Kalvirs assists MBA seekers to get into the best graduate programs by offering personalized tutoring that covers all sections of the GMAT. This tutoring helps students reach their full potential and accomplish their goals of getting into a good MBA school.

For example, average GMAT score for Peru was 560 in 2014. This is not enough to get into the top ten schools. However, our students are different. Our most recent results that came back just this week for Nicole Eckfeldt are on the picture below:

IMG-20150601-WA0002 edited


This is the Kalvirs difference. Kalvirs has many students that have scored over 700 on the GMAT.

Our students get high scores on the GMAT for two reasons. First, our goal is to help you as a student succeed. Unlike other businesses that are primarily interested in your attendance, we are dedicated to your success. Our goal it to get you past Kalvirs and to the top 10 MBA schools. Because of this, we make your goals our goals and provide you with the best faculty you you can find. You deserve it. By sharing your goals and providing the best faculty, dedicate ourselves to your success.

Because we are dedicated to you, we give one-on-one assistance with every aspect of the GMAT. Personal GMAT coaching allows us to personally see where you want to go. One-on-one teaching also means you have time dedicated to YOU, not a group. You don’t have to worry about if you will get to ask your questions, or if the teacher will not get to your question, because each session is a one-on-one session to navigate you through the GMAT. From taking the test to applying to school, each step is our personal commitment to seeing you succeed.

Who knows? Maybe you could end up on our facebook page with #Success next to your name. You decide!

Head photo credit: happy students via photopin (license)

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